The program will provide a residence (single, double and multiple occupancy rooms; maximum capacity of 19) in central El Paso. During the stay, participants will be able to: 

  • Encounter and minister to migrant, refugee or vulnerable immigrant persons, in shelters, guest houses and/or parishes
  • Visit with persons and organizations serving in the El Paso region 
  • Visit with persons and organizations serving the Ciudad Juarez region (optional) 
  • Participate in workshops on Catholic Social Teaching and migrant/border realities 
  • Participate in personal and group reflection and regular community evening prayer
  • Live in community; longer term participants will have the independence needed to fulfill their program

Note: Though not essential, some fluency in Spanish would be beneficial. 

The fee will depend on the duration of stay and format of the group/individual’s goals while here. 

  • $300 registration fee
  • Short-term immersion (up to 7 days): $100/person/night; includes program, staff assistance, lodging, breakfast food and catered evening meals; if Juarez option is chosen, lunch in Juarez
  • Longer-term participation (4 weeks+, i.e., a sabbatical, a semester, a summer or a month) will have an adjusted, lower per diem
  • For 8-27 day immersions, fee will be individually determined

Not included: transportation costs, to and from El Paso AND while in El Paso; insurance; lunch food, which typically will be on the road; dinner outings to restaurants as entertainment. 

For additional information and to inquire about possible participation, contact us. 

Please include information about your group: number of persons wanting to participate (specifying if there are any junior or senior high school-age persons, who would need to bring supervisor); dates when you would like to participate. If possible, please provide more than one option of dates. 

The residence and base of the program is at 1837 Grandview, El Paso, TX 79902. The unique mix in the design, combining residential and needed institutional character is present in this three level, 9-bedroom, 5-bathroom facility, with common areas, the project’s office and separate community space for two Marist Brothers whose community is based at this project. The spacious building is excellent for our mission and is centrally located, approximately 1 1⁄2 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Interested? Contact Us

Email with the size of your group and ideal date(s).